Our story

Our story

Picasso's, founded in Birmingham in 2017, began with a mission to revolutionise the dessert scene. The business was founded on the passion of its owners and their creative vision. 

Intentionally crafted desserts were made with a focus on creativity, making each item an edible work of art. Each dish was carefully thought out to craft each item with an artistic flair that provided an enjoyable taste and an eye-catching presentation. 

We focussed on using top-of-the-line ingredients, select flavours and unique designs. The vision was to become an aspiring bakery and only serve our customers the freshest and finest products. 

We wanted to communicate that desserts are more than just a guilty pleasure; they are part of an entire lifestyle. They transcend the culinary boundaries of sweetness. Desserts are more than just food – they are multi-faceted symbols of festivity, indulgence and sheer pleasure


We created our brand as a safe haven for self-expression, a place where people from all backgrounds can come together and celebrate life's special moments. 

Whether you're in the mood for a slice of cake and good company or a quiet corner to enjoy a book and a warm cup of coffee, Picasso's is the perfect place for you. 

Our welcoming atmosphere and diverse offerings make sure that everyone feels at home. So come, be yourself and experience the unique magic of Picasso's.